Giving Shoes. Saving Lives.

‘My360Project’ and KiK Laboratory developed a sustainable footwear solution for children in developing countries. By creating a design that can be locally sourced, crafted and used, KiK Laboratory and My360Project helped pave the way for these children to access healthy water, education, and play.

Starting From The Ground Up

Children grow out of shoes fast. Knowing this, My360Project identified the need for footwear that grows with the child. KiK Laboratory was challenged to design a shoe that is durable, can expand to multiple sizes, and can easily be constructed by local artisans with no background in footwear.

Creating the Right Fit

The work began with an exploration to identify what form the footwear would take. Would it be a sandal? Would it be a shoe? Although sandals are easier to construct, they do not minimize exposure to disease. By understanding the climate, activities and local resources available, KiK Laboratory came to a hybrid solution — the moccasin.

A Sustainable System

Through exploration, KiK Laboratory proposed moccasin solutions with the ability to adjust in length made by as few pieces as possible. In addition, by creating a design that can be locally sourced, locally crafted, and locally used, KiK Laboratory and my360Project created a sustainable business model. Beyond teaching the artisans to make the moccasins, they introduced them to the self-sustaining skill of innovation.

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